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Order online via e-shop.

If you wish, you can place your order electronically through the e-shop pages. To register your order you do not have to register first. You can simply enter the absolutely necessary information for the order. If you do not wish to enter your details at any time or have access to your previous orders, you must register with our online store through the relevant selection in the top right of our “Account Creation” page.

When registering at B.LOOSE E-SHOP’s e-shop, you must enter the following registration information: Name, Surname, e-mail, Phone, Address, City, ZIP, Country, Region / Region and Security Code. If the purchase is not made by a private individual but by a company and you want to receive the products with a Sales Invoice, the company name, VAT registration number, tax code is also required. and Profession. Without these items, it is not possible to process the order from the online store and are registered for use to serve your order. The Online Store only collects the personal data of Customers who have registered an order at the online store or who have been registered through the account creation process as outlined above.

The collection of the above personal data is also necessary in order for Customers to enjoy special privileges and to be able to complete the transactions through the e-shop. As such, it would be possible to account for the sending of products to the Customer’s premises, the possibility for the Customer to see the history of his orders, to have a list of different addresses, etc. B.LOOSE E-SHOP is not intended to distribute the data of any Customer for marketing purposes without the prior consent of the Customer. The personal data of Users can be used to create personal content, services and advertising related to our e-shop services.

We recommend that you read the terms of use of the online store before ordering or registering in the e-shop.

Check availability of products

Each product page contains an indication of the availability of the product. The products may be available, marked “Directly Available” and next to the number of products available in the warehouse. If a product is not immediately available, there is an indication of the current standby with indications such as “expected within 10 days”, “out of stock”, “on request”, etc. You can get notified by phone about the delivery capability or you can send an e-mail by selecting the corresponding button on the product page. In any case, the B.LOOSE E-SHOP reserves the right to inform the customer of the possible delivery time (there is a priority order for non-available product orders).

Order Submission

When you’re done with the product selection process and you have added to the shopping cart all the products you want to order, you can display the shopping cart with the selected products. There you can change the quantities of products (do not forget to press the update button next to the quantity) or even delete a product from the order. There you can also estimate the total cost of the order, along with shipping costs, or check the use of a voucher or voucher coupon.

We encourage you to carefully check the properties of the products you have selected in the shopping cart so you can be sure that the products you order are the ones that meet your needs. If you are unsure about a product, you can contact the salesperson in the working days and hours with a representative from the store’s sales department to clarify the necessary information. If for any reason you have any doubts about a product, we suggest that you do not proceed with the purchase. Our company bears no responsibility for inadequate product control and incomplete information from the Customer regarding the properties and characteristics of the products.

When you finish checking and changing the order, click the “Buy” button to get to the final stage of the order.

Here you will post the shipping and pricing information for the Natural or Legal person making the purchase, choose the shipping method and payment method, and enter (if you have) a coupon code or a voucher.

In the Shopping Cart you will see the products you have selected and below these costs of the products, the cost of the order, the VAT and finally the total amount you have to pay. Caution! The prices listed on the product page DO NOT include shipping costs.

You will also find payment information, especially if you have selected Bank Payment as your payment method.

If you have any comments regarding your order you can enter them in the corresponding field.

Once you have entered all the necessary information, proceed to “Order Entry” by pressing the corresponding button.

Once the order has been posted, an automated e-mail is sent to your e-mail from the B.LOOSE E-SHOP online store, which includes the confirmation of receipt of the order and lists its contents. This automated message from the online store is simply the confirmation that the order has been registered with the content it mentions and in no case constitutes acceptance of the order or agreement of sale terms. No modification of the order or a new agreement may be accepted for it unless it is first written in writing and not accepted by all parties.

Each order is executed in order of priority and given the availability of the products.

Calculation of transport costs

Transport costs are automatically calculated during the market completion process, depending on the shipping method you have selected, before any financial obligation, and depends on the total weight and volume of the package.

Caution! There are some areas in Greece that are considered remote (areas that do not have a nearby service station or villages where there is difficulty in access). There, the shipment may not be possible or be labeled as “remote / inaccessible”. The Pan-Hellenic product shipment mentioned on the e-shop pages does not concern areas that are described as “remote / inaccessible”. In these cases the dispatch of the products reaches the closest service shop of the transport company and the packages are received there by the Customer himself.

Order by phone

You can make your order by contacting a sales representative at the store. For the security of your transactions and to learn about the terms of use of the online store, you must first visit our website before accepting the order and accept the rules of operation.

The prices listed on the pages of our online store are the same as for phone orders.

During a phone order registration you should make sure that you are adequately informed by the sales representative of the store about the properties and characteristics of the products you order, the warranties and their duration, how to dispatch, return policy, for the total cost of the order, including the cost of the costs and, if you are an individual, the right of withdrawal. Do not forget to ask for the order number to use on demand.

Order cancellation

If you wish to cancel an order after registration, you can do so only if it has not been invoiced and has not been delivered to the shipping company. Cancellation can be done by sending an e-mail (info@b-loose.gr) or by telephone to a representative of our company. In order for your order to be canceled, it is necessary to state its number either registered electronically or by phone. No order can be deemed void if we have not received confirmation in one of the ways and conditions mentioned above.

If the Customer before making the cancellation order has already paid its value in one of the available payment methods and our company has already received the amount, then our company owes within 14 calendar days to return the amount to the Customer in the same way that you paid the price (by reversing the amount in a bank account, paying cash, etc.). In the case of an interbank transaction, any costs are borne by the Customer. In another case where the Customer has issued a payment order but the money has not yet been collected by our company (eg in case of credit card billing where the Bank has not yet paid the price to our company) then our company owes within 14 business days to expedite the necessary actions and statements to each competent body (eg the Bank) to notify the cancellation of the Customer’s order and the cancellation of the obligation to return the corresponding debtor of the amount.In this case, our company is deemed to have fulfilled its obligations in a lawful manner, and the cancellation of the debit will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract linking the Customer to this third party (eg Bank). Our company has no responsibility for the refund or reversal of the charge