Our Philosophy

How could we describe the course we have been consistently following for the last fourty years?

To begin with, we didn’t say “we shall do this, in order to accomplish that”. We simply followed our beliefs in order to achieve, through the ‘rag trade’, an expression of freedom without prejudice, keeping our distance from conventional fashion, recommending pieces worn as easily by men as they are by women – clothes that combine different “memories” to form a new, multicultural amalgam: in our dress shirts, Eastern minimalism meets Mediterranean lightness; our coats transubstantiate the plasticity of Roman veils into clothes where the modern meets the retro and the elegant meets the practical.

Thus, an entire collection of handcrafted clothes was gradually created: clothes that are combined with and complement each other, clothes worn around the year, since they make up a different whole every time they’re worn against each other, a whole as unique as the person selecting and combining them.

We chose cotton, a major hellenic product, to be our basis. We examined weaving plants, tested and settled on specific qualities of fabrics with select threads and special finishing, so that the body can breathe any time of the year. We also loved linen: a very special fabric within the clothing industry. The plasticity of the specific fabric gave a whole new feeling to our collection making our clothes even more airy and graceful.

We chose a warm, earthly range of colours that are easily combined, since every colour matches with all others.

Designed and made in Athens, Hellas, B.LOOSE chooses the best partners in its field. With its unique style, it caters for an audience of different ages who do not subserviently recreate the mandates of fashion but seek and create a personal style.

Any person wearing these clothes becomes more beautiful as they move more comfortably, more naturally, more freely. People who often wear tight-fitting clothes, such as suits and ties, due to their working conditions, immediately feel and appear more natural, freer and more relaxed. Our innovative combinations underline the quality of the materials and the simplicity of our lines.

By selecting a timeless piece by B.LOOSE, you gain a faithful friend for many many years.